Who are the Dragons?

People just like you. Ordinary people with families who have always been driven by their goals of owning successful businesses. Entrepreneurs with a drive and a dream to succeed. Dragons with fire in their guts. We have been through startups, partners, failures, and successes. We know what it’s like to sacrifice to focus on success.  The joys and sorrows of being an entrepreneur are familiar to us. On our journey to success, we’ve learned a few things. Our hopes are to pass that on to you.

Why are the Dragons here?

Simple, to help you, because entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, even for experienced individuals. The evolving business landscape demands constant learning and adaptation. As new entrepreneurs, you need essential skills and a solid foundation to succeed.

Recognizing avoidable obstacles is crucial. We’re here to guide you through unfamiliar challenges, like managing business partnerships and family commitments. Our experiences can offer you the support and motivation you need.

Remember, building a successful business requires a strong foundation. Embrace change, stay open to learning, and draw inspiration from others who’ve overcome similar hurdles. Your unique journey will shape your success, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.