Why Motivation is Important to Your Success

Motivation comes in many forms. It can be for the needs of basic survival, or to be able to live the kind of life that you’ve always dreamed about. Some people call that motivation your “why” and it’s what makes it all worth while. My why is different from yours and yours will be different from the next person. We may have some similarities, but ultimately, it will be our own reasons for wanting to become successful. Entrepreneurs are no different. It’s the tenacity and perseverance that makes a difference between success and non-success.

Internal Needs and External Needs

Motivation can be broken into two parts: internal needs and external needs. Sometimes those reasons can be both internal and external. It depends on just how you think about that motivation and what value you personally place on it.  Family is a big motivator. Internally, you may see it as a personal responsibility to take care of your family’s needs. This is an internal sense of personal accomplishment. Externally, your family’s needs will need money to pay for a dream house or a desired lifestyle. The more money you make, the more of these needs or dreams you can accomplish. These are tangible results of your motivation.

Internal needs are harder to fulfill.  Your need for a successful business can be a strong motivator. Personal achievement can go a long way to keep you focused and determined to cross that finish line. It can also push you on past that line to keep you growing your business successfully. Having others, like your family and friends, on board with your entrepreneurial journey can be a huge motivating factor.  Support from others can keep you accountable for your actions and inactions, it can sometimes push you farther than you would normally go outside your comfort zone because you want to impress them or prove that you can absolutely be successful.

Map Your Motivation

I think that it’s important to make a list of  all the things and people that motivate you to be your best. Then make a list of those things and people who don’t offer any support or maybe poke fun at you or your business ideas. Be brutally honest. Keep this list and revisit it often.  It can be a reminder of who is on your side and who only pretend to be there for you.  As you look at this list from time to time, it can help you focus on what matters most to you, It can remind you why you started down this journey in the first place.  Some days, having a little push is all you need to get back on track.